About Us

Our Vision and Values

Woorayl Lodge Inc is an exemplary partner in our community providing aged care services that embraces life and health.

By following our core values of Integrity, Teamwork and Professionalism we will build a vibrant neighbourhood that cares for and nourishes our people.

We are nourishing a community of individuals by creating close, continuing relationships and experiences of giving and receiving. We embrace the spontaneity and variety of life. Our community is open-hearted and has strong leadership.

Our History & Background

Woorayl Lodge began in 1956 when the local Rotary Club and other community leaders purchased an old Rural Nursing facility with the vision of providing aged care services for the then Woorayl Shire community.

We remain a community owned and run facility with the same purpose but have evolved into an organisation delivering continuous high quality services with independent living units (ILU’s) and residential aged care facilities which meet and exceed the standards of care expected under Government standards and supervision.

Our exemplary care record reflects the culture, and commitment of Woorayl Lodge, to the community. This commitment continues with currently planning to update and extend our facilities to ensure the same high level of care can be provided to meet current and future needs.

Our Organisation

Woorayl Lodge Inc is a not for profit, community-based residential aged care service located in Leongatha, Victoria.

It is registered as an Incorporated Association and its voluntary Board of Management is drawn from the Association’s membership base, which represents a cross-section of the community.

The Board of Management take an active Governance role overseeing the organisation and ensuring it works toward it’s Purpose and meets the community needs as well as meeting all regulatory requirements. Professional and appropriately skilled Management and staff are employed to undertake all day-to-day operations and to meet the high care service standards.