Our Services

Independent Living Units (ILU)

Woorayl Lodge has 29 ILU’s. Each unit has one (1) bedroom, with ensuite, car parking facilities and fully maintained gardens (tenants can participate in gardening if desired).

The ILU’s are located in a quiet and safe environment in close proximity to the town centre of Leongatha which provides walking access to shops and other attractions.

Residential Aged Care (Including Respite)

Woorayl Lodge is an approved provider of residential aged care services with a 3 year accreditation cycle.

The 40 bed facility consists of all private rooms with attached en-suites. Bedroom and en-suite sizes vary between 16.5m2 and 18.5m2. Rooms include large built-in wardrobe, electric Hi-Lo Bed, Shower chair, Ceiling fan, hydronic heating and over toilet seat if required.

Woorayl Lodge has three Wings each with a suitably furnished common area where tea and coffee making facilities are available for residents to entertain guests for meals and special occasions. A small quiet room is available for private appointments as well as a large dining room and large separate lounge dedicated for residents activities. An external courtyard is accessible to all residents, enclosed walking paths and maintained gardens.

Clinicians (doctor, physiotherapist) and others (podiatry, hairdressing, etc) visit the Lodge at regular intervals to provide additional care services. Activities are professionally organised, with the assistance of community volunteers, to help keep residents mentally and physically active.

RAD/DAP Details

Maximum refundable deposit – $450,000

Maximum daily payment – $49.81

Residents can choose to pay for their accommodation by fully paid refundable deposit, a daily payment, or a combination of both. A refundable deposit is paid as a lump sum amount. A daily payment accrues daily and is paid periodically, typically monthly. A combination payment includes both lump sum and daily payments (e.g., 50% refundable deposit of $225,000 and 50% daily payment of $24.90).

Visit the My Aged Care website for more information and comparison with other facilities in the area.